Compiling jtreg?

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Tue Jul 30 14:07:13 UTC 2013

The jtreg-use list is probably the right place for this question.


On 30/07/2013 06:37, Nick Williams wrote:
> I'm working on a patch for some core libraries (hence why I'm emailing here -- hopefully someone will be sympathetic and help) and need to run the JDK tests. I'm following the instructions on to get jtreg installed so that I can run it. I have JDK15HOME and JDK16HOME set to my JDK 6 home directory. I have JavaHelp installed at JAVAHELP_HOME. I have JT Harness installed at JTHARNESS_HOME. I have Xalan installed at XALANHOME. I have JUnit installed at JUNIT_HOME. I have TestNG installed at TESTNG_HOME.
> I cloned the HG repository and executed make -C make just like the directions said. I get 58 compile errors: It can't find Ant, JUnit, or TestNG classes. Can someone point me in the right direction?
> 1) I assume I must have to specify a classpath somehow for JUnit and TestNG, even though the directions don't say so. Thoughts on how?
> 2) The instructions say Ant is optional. So why is it mandatory?
> (I didn't realize that it would take longer / be harder to get the tests running than to get the JDK compiling.)
> Thanks,
> Nick

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