AppCDS / AOT thoughts based on CLI app experience

Anton Kozlov akozlov at
Wed Jun 1 18:31:33 UTC 2022

Thank you for the excellent write-up!

Although many problems you've mentioned are not solved (and sometimes
are made worse) by CRaC, I can't resist mentioning a CRaC change for CLI
apps [1]. But this is offtopic, so BCCing leyden-dev and CC crac-dev.

On 6/1/22 16:03, Mike Hearn wrote:
> What about CRaC? It's Linux only so isn't interesting to us, given
> that most devs are on Windows/macOS. The benefits for Linux servers
> are clear though. Obvious question - can you make a snapshot on one
> machine/Linux distro, and resume them on a totally different one, or
> does it require a homogenous infrastructure?

In the current implementation, we've not started working on this.  By
the model, CRaC prevents file dependencies at the checkpoint and allows
VM to coordinate restore.  So eventually we should deliver images that
do not depend on the particular CPU and distribution.

The feasibility of the full implementation for Mac and Windows OS is
unclear.  But I think a reasonable effort will be required to provide an
implementation for testing and developing programs on those OSes, which
will match the behavior of Linux CRaC implementation.


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