CRaC + maven-daemon: An experience report

Ashutosh Mehra asmehra at
Tue Jun 7 16:05:04 UTC 2022

With the aim to try out CRaC with a real world project to understand what
it would take for the developers to adopt this kind of technology in their
we picked up maven-daemon and tried to use CRaC to improve the start up
time of the daemon processes.

We have written a report [1] on our efforts. Some of the aspects that the
report touches upon:
1. different approaches developer can take to use CRaC
2. kind of code refactoring required to adopt CRaC
3. change in relationship of entities due to introduction of
checkpoint-restore events in app life cycle
4. importance of the point at which snapshot is taken (in terms of effect
on performance and amount of refactoring required)
5. a discussion on "snapsafety" in the context of this experiment

Any questions or feedback is always welcome.


Ashutosh Mehra

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