Windows build bug, no bug number?

Phil Race Phil.Race at Sun.COM
Wed May 9 06:57:52 UTC 2007

Dan Fabulich wrote:
> As I just pointed out on the build-dev list, the buildable JDK doesn't 
> build on Windows (missing t2k.lib).
It wasn't overlooked.
I'm not on that build  alias but  the need for t2k.lib complicated 
matters as the binary builds
used as the source of the plugs don't contain these.
If you look for the make-closed-binaries target you'll see it builds a 
directory 'closed'
which contains just the binary plug pieces.
Rather than using that and having to put that out, the decision was made 
to use the
full builds so we didn't have to add another download and complication.

The tradeoff is windows doesn't build but that will be addressed by 
removing the
dependency on t2k .
> I filed a bug on this, but doesn't issue bug numbers when 
> you file bugs... instead, it puts your bug request in a moderation 
> queue, with no way to directly monitor what's happening to it.
> That may have made sense before the JDK was open source, but I think 
> that now it makes more sense to assign every bug report a bug number 
> immediately upon submission, (even the bogus bug reports) for 
> discussion purposes only.
There was contemplation of, at the very least,  making unprocessed bug 
submissions public, even before openjdk
came into the picture.   So I expect this to happen  - there are a ton 
of things that could still be done.


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