Windows build bug, no bug number?

Dan Fabulich dfabulich at
Wed May 9 16:00:57 UTC 2007

Phil Race wrote:

> Dan Fabulich wrote:
>> As I just pointed out on the build-dev list, the buildable JDK doesn't 
>> build on Windows (missing t2k.lib).
> It wasn't overlooked.

> I'm not on that build alias but the need for t2k.lib complicated matters 
> as the binary builds used as the source of the plugs don't contain 
> these. If you look for the make-closed-binaries target you'll see it 
> builds a directory 'closed' which contains just the binary plug pieces. 
> Rather than using that and having to put that out, the decision was made 
> to use the full builds so we didn't have to add another download and 
> complication.
> The tradeoff is windows doesn't build but that will be addressed by 
> removing the dependency on t2k .

I'm not sure I quite understand that decision.  Why provide binary plugs 
on Windows at all if we're not providing the binary files necessary to 
build the OpenJDK?

It also sounds like this decision means that we don't intend to fix the 
Windows binary plugs, but simply wait until the binary plugs are no longer 
necessary.  But replacing t2k could take months of hard effort.  Wouldn't 
it be easier to release a new binary plug archive with the necessary 
files?  Or even just to provide the necessary files as a separate 

I realize that this is more "complicated," but I think we all agree that 
it's better to have a complicated build that works than an uncomplicated 
build that doesn't work! :-)


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