Building on Fedora 6

Andrew Haley aph at
Wed May 9 17:04:14 UTC 2007

Kelly O'Hair writes:
 > Adding the unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH and the export LANG=C to this file
 > makse sense, I'll take care of that. This .sh file is only for use when
 > building the jdk, so it seems reasonable to change this file.
 > The LANG setting is necessary to prevent builds from  getting locked
 > into the wrong locale, I forget the details, but builds with ja locale
 > fail as I recall, and I decided that only C locale builds made sense.
 > The LD_LIBRARY_PATH unset might be a problem for some, not for me, but
 > in general you don't want stray libraries loaded from this PATH.
 > The build should only rely on the libraries in /lib and /usr/lib.
 > There have been numerous build failures in the past related to this.
 > The ALT_CLOSED_JDK_IMPORT_PATH setting is something that depends on where
 > the binary plugs got downloaded, so it depends on the builder.
 > It was intended that this be manually set and specifically, it needs to be
 > pointing at one of the Binary Plugs provided on the site.
 > Legal issues involved here, e.g. great pains. :^(

Which reminds me: is there any need for JDK 1.6 in all of this?  The used as the source of the "binary
blobs" is a full JDK, is it not?  So it could be used as the bootstrap
JDK -- there's no need for JDK 1.6.


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