Building on Fedora 6

Kelly O'Hair Kelly.Ohair at Sun.COM
Wed May 9 23:11:20 UTC 2007

Andrew Haley wrote:
> Kelly O'Hair writes:
>  > Adding the unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH and the export LANG=C to this file
>  > makse sense, I'll take care of that. This .sh file is only for use when
>  > building the jdk, so it seems reasonable to change this file.
>  > 
>  > The LANG setting is necessary to prevent builds from  getting locked
>  > into the wrong locale, I forget the details, but builds with ja locale
>  > fail as I recall, and I decided that only C locale builds made sense.
>  > 
>  > The LD_LIBRARY_PATH unset might be a problem for some, not for me, but
>  > in general you don't want stray libraries loaded from this PATH.
>  > The build should only rely on the libraries in /lib and /usr/lib.
>  > There have been numerous build failures in the past related to this.
>  > 
>  > The ALT_CLOSED_JDK_IMPORT_PATH setting is something that depends on where
>  > the binary plugs got downloaded, so it depends on the builder.
>  > It was intended that this be manually set and specifically, it needs to be
>  > pointing at one of the Binary Plugs provided on the site.
>  > Legal issues involved here, e.g. great pains. :^(
> Which reminds me: is there any need for JDK 1.6 in all of this?  The
> used as the source of the "binary
> blobs" is a full JDK, is it not?  So it could be used as the bootstrap
> JDK -- there's no need for JDK 1.6.

Officially, we boot from the previous FCS jdk (1.6.0), unofficially,
jdk 1.5 or jdk 1.7 would work as a boot jdk.
I suppose it may become an issue later if we somehow become dependent
on a jdk 1.6 feature that jdk 1.5 won't work, but I don't know of any
issue like that on the horizon. A jdk 1.5 might be already available
on your system.

Using a boot of jdk 1.7 may have some risks, but should in general
Note that the "binary plugs" are indeed full jdk 7 images right now,
but none of the files will have execute permissions.
The binary plugs are distributed with a different license that allows
their use as 'binary plugs'. I'd probably keep the binary plugs
separate from the boot jdk, but that's just me.
Also the binary plugs will need to be updated every time you freshen
up your openjdk sources, the boot jdk is a pretty static thing.


> Andrew.

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