Any update for the bug database?

Phil Race Phil.Race at Sun.COM
Sat May 19 16:08:55 UTC 2007

In top of that we have dozens of 'boundary' systems - which tap into our 
existing bug database
to produce custom reports, provide bulk update mechanisms etc etc. When 
we transitioned
to a new bug database system a couple of years ago, even though we had 
input into its
design it was a very painful and expensive process.  The system was in 
design for literally
years and some of it is still having the kinks worked out. I find it 
really hard to believe
we could simply move to bugzilla and not have huge consequences.


David Herron wrote:
> This is under discussion how to proceed.  The discussion is happening 
> across all of Sun's open source projects because we all have similar 
> complications.  As I understand it the solution is going to serve all 
> Sun's open source projects.
> It will be best if there is one pile of bugs to deal with.  That 
> leaves the question, how do we handle openjdk bugs from the community 
> AND handle bugs coming from all the existing channels we already 
> have?  We have bug fields containing confidential customer information 
> we cannot expose, we have security bugs we don't expose due to our 
> policies of handling security bugs, etc.  These issues are not unique 
> to the OpenJDK / Java SE team, but to all of Sun's other software 
> products.
> Yes, we plan to put "something" better our there. is 
> showing its age, that's for sure.
> A key flaw with bugzilla is it can target only one release.   In our 
> existing processes we have multiple release trains executing in 
> parallel ... there's what you might call the HEAD release (currently 
> called OpenJDK / Java7) and there are what you might call branches for 
> each of the prior releases that we produce update releases for (Java 
> 6, Java 5, Java 1.4.2, etc).  This means we target a bug to one or 
> more of those release trains depending on what it is.
> - David Herron
> On May 18, 2007, at 11:35 PM, Neo Jia wrote:
>> hi,
>> As I was told by Jon in compiler mailing list that there would be an
>> update for the code repository, I would like to raise this question
>> again for the bug database. Will it be replaced by something like
>> bugzilla to support the development in open source community?
>> Thanks,
>> Neo
>> --I would remember that if researchers were not ambitious
>> probably today we haven't the technology we are using!

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