Any update for the bug database?

Tom Tromey tromey at
Mon May 21 18:34:54 UTC 2007

>>>>> "David" == David Herron <David.Herron at Sun.COM> writes:

David> It will be best if there is one pile of bugs to deal with.
David> That leaves the question, how do we handle openjdk bugs from
David> the community AND handle bugs coming from all the existing
David> channels we already have?  We have bug fields containing
David> confidential customer information we cannot expose, we have
David> security bugs we don't expose due to our policies of handling
David> security bugs, etc.

One stock solution followed by other projects is to have two bug
systems -- one for the open source project and another for the
company.  Then you just need ways, perhaps just manual ones, of
pushing bugs "upstream" from the Sun tracker to the OpenJDK tracker.

There are exceptions to this, though -- e.g., is
used for both Fedora and all kinds of Red Hat things.  Personally I
don't think this is the best way to go.

Anyway, is this discussion being held in public?  That would be

David> A key flaw with bugzilla is it can target only one release.

Yeah, this is reasonably painful.
There are folks writing "distributed VC-like" bug tracking systems but
AFAIK none has really caught on yet.  The basic idea here, AIUI, is to
have the bugs in the tree, so they can be closed, managed, merged,
right along with the sources.


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