Project proposal: fbtoolkit

Tom Marble Tom.Marble at Sun.COM
Thu May 24 01:45:54 UTC 2007

Phil Race wrote:
> I don't follow what this has to do with Swing. 2D would be more affected ..
> Swing is ignorant of whether the Motif or X toolkit is specified
> and even works with the headless toolkit.
> Also the existing toolkits can still leverage all of the
> same internal 2D native code for rendering. I don't see where
> you are going to get that from unless if its going to be
> a pure Java solution.

Please note that following the Projects guidelines followups are
intended to go to the discuss list [1].

I confess I am not a client or graphics expert.  I can appreciate
the advantages, however, of device emulation and multiple-head
clone outputs/inputs, etc.  If Swing is less appropriate than 2D
then perhaps 2D would be a more appropriate Group to sponsor this

Allow me to clarify, as well, that the purpose of this project
is experimental and for prototyping.  Think of this as a KSL [2]
style Project that should be associated with the appropriate
Group (i.e. 2D or AWT).  Obviously such a Project, if approved, would
need a VCS "sandbox" as described in [1]: "Projects that are not
tightly related to the development of JDK 7 will, for now, also be
given a regular project within the OpenJDK Community."

Can we get a Group sponsor?



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