Project proposal: fbtoolkit

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Thu May 24 10:08:09 UTC 2007

Mark Reinhold wrote:

>In the interim governance guidelines, sponsorship means only that the
>majority of the members of a Group think that the project is worthwhile.
>It does not imply any kind of commitment of effort, nor does it imply
>that the code will one day be integrated into any particular JDK tree.
>(I'll clarify this in the guidelines.)
Here's a pointer to your slides from J1 that give a compact overview of 
how the structure with projects
& groups works

>>It just seems like an  interesting expt  this time, with  unproven
>>practical applications.
>Personally I think that the OpenJDK Community should be open to all kinds
>of interesting experiments.  That's often, after all, the best way to
>learn things.
 From gcc's experience, having interesting things happen in tree, rather 
than outside it,
like it was done with Kaffe, makes it easier to merge them back into the 
main branch, if
the experiements turn out to be successful, afaict.

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