Project proposal: fbtoolkit

Andrew Haley aph at
Thu May 24 12:42:33 UTC 2007

Jeff Dinkins writes:
 > >> Personally I think that the OpenJDK Community should be open to  
 > >> all kinds
 > >> of interesting experiments.  That's often, after all, the best way to
 > >> learn things.
 > >>
 > > From gcc's experience, having interesting things happen in tree,  
 > > rather than outside it, like it was done with Kaffe, makes it  
 > > easier to merge them back into the main branch, if the experiements  
 > > turn out to be successful, afaict.
 > In GCC how do they keep track of what is experimental vs. in the main  
 > branch?

Experimental stuff is on branches.

 > Also, at project approval time is it worth tagging items that are pre- 
 > blessed as work that will, or will most likely, go back into the main  
 > tree (example: JSRs, encumbered replacements)? If so who gets to set  
 > the tag or branch location?

We don't do that in gcc.  Maintainers can all create branches to work
on, and are encouraged to do so.

 > Or should all new projects be treated the same and start off in an  
 > incubator branch?

That seems reasonable.  We find that this kind of metadata isn't
really needed in the actual source control system: that happens on the
mailing lists and web pages.


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