building openjdk without openmotif

Mario Torre neugens at
Fri May 25 18:33:10 UTC 2007

Il giorno ven, 25/05/2007 alle 19.28 +0200, Pieter Libin ha scritto:
> Dear all,
> I build openjdk on my system, and ran into the problem that I didn't
> pass the sanity check because I installed lesstif in stead of
> openmotif,
> I did what was suggested on the following site;
> and was able to build openjdk properly.


You don't need to create this file, this is never used in the jdk.

I've posted a patch here but no one seems to ever had noticed it (other
than Petteri :) so I've never had feedback about its correctness, so,
let's say, it works for me. The patch just checks for a file that is
actually included from the jdk sources and is in lesstif.

This is way better than writing a fake header file (just think about it,
if this file is really used/needed how is supposed to work then?).

Hope that helps,
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