making j2se more portable

Andreas Sterbenz Andreas.Sterbenz at Sun.COM
Thu May 31 18:36:44 UTC 2007

Pieter Libin wrote:
> I was thinking,
> I could traverse the files containing Linux and Solaris,
> and make the necessary changes to use the appropriate os specific code.

I am confused. Are we talking merely about renaming src/solaris to 
src/unix (or some such) or are we talking about source changes to use 
different OS APIs?

src/solaris today contains the source code for both the Solaris and Linux 
specific parts of the JDK. Largely the code is the same between the two, 
and where there are differences it uses #ifdefs or some similar methods.

If we don't use the right APIs on Linux, we should obviously fix that. But 
that should not require a big reorg of the workspace, just a few source 
changes here and there. If you want to look for places where we do 
something wrong, I certainly encourage you to do that and to report your 
findings to the group owning the code.


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