making j2se more portable

Pieter Libin pieter.libin at
Thu May 31 19:05:53 UTC 2007


changing the directory name is one thing,

changing the source code to point to the correct os-specific code is
another thing.

I was already grepping for "linux" and found less then 500 files,
most of them only containing minor differences.

I think we could make these changes gradually,
and we can already start with this even without changing the directory name.



On 5/31/07, Andreas Sterbenz <Andreas.Sterbenz at> wrote:
> Pieter Libin wrote:
> > I was thinking,
> > I could traverse the files containing Linux and Solaris,
> > and make the necessary changes to use the appropriate os specific code.
> I am confused. Are we talking merely about renaming src/solaris to
> src/unix (or some such) or are we talking about source changes to use
> different OS APIs?
> src/solaris today contains the source code for both the Solaris and Linux
> specific parts of the JDK. Largely the code is the same between the two,
> and where there are differences it uses #ifdefs or some similar methods.
> If we don't use the right APIs on Linux, we should obviously fix that. But
> that should not require a big reorg of the workspace, just a few source
> changes here and there. If you want to look for places where we do
> something wrong, I certainly encourage you to do that and to report your
> findings to the group owning the code.
> Andreas.

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