Publishing code reviews

Dmitri Trembovetski Dmitri.Trembovetski at Sun.COM
Thu Oct 11 23:17:09 UTC 2007

Mark Reinhold wrote:
>>    But the robot - especially it's built-in archive
>>    feature (all review-related conversations are archived,
>>    along with webrevs) - proved invaluable.
> I can believe that -- but do you want to force it on the entire team?

   *I* would. It's for their own good! =)

>>> If we do create an OpenSolaris-style code-review server then we should
>>> certainly arrange for the robot to publish webrevs there.  That can't be
>>> hard.
>>    Yes, that would be good in any case.
> The OpenSolaris-style code-review service is essentially a strict subset
> of the robot service.  Until the robot is migrated to an external server
> (and likely even after that) we can easily arrange for it to publish
> webrevs on the code-review server.

   That would be enough for the internal people who want to
   include external folks into the code reviews. Currently
   we have to send them zipped webrev separately since they
   can't access the internal url.

   Actually, the external folks can easily submit the code reviews
   even without Robot being moved to the outside system:
   they can just send an email with specially constructed
   subject to the robot with webrev archive attached - this is one
   of the Robot options for submitting the reviews.

   Another being the web page (which I think most folks here use).

> The robot only sends e-mail messages to specific reviewers, not to
> mailing lists.  That's fine internally, but we should likely also have
> the robot cc: e-mails to the appropriate public lists so that anyone can
> read the review traffic.  These need not be the foo-dev lists; we could
> set up a parallel set of, say, foo-review lists.

   I guess it wouldn't hurt, but we don't do anything like
   that internally because most people don't care much
   about other's code reviews - there's enough traffic
   already. If they do, they're the reviewers =)

   And, the Robot generates a page with all current code reviews
   for particular team listed, so anyone can just go ahead and
   browse the archived conversations. Similar pages exist for
   each team member. Wouldn't that be enough (providing we do move
   robot to the outside)?

   If we were all fancy (and had time) we could add rss/atom feeds to
   such pages.


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