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Thu Oct 11 23:41:02 UTC 2007

Dmitri Trembovetski wrote:
>> The robot only sends e-mail messages to specific reviewers, not to
>> mailing lists.  That's fine internally, but we should likely also have
>> the robot cc: e-mails to the appropriate public lists so that anyone can
>> read the review traffic.  These need not be the foo-dev lists; we could
>> set up a parallel set of, say, foo-review lists.
>   I guess it wouldn't hurt, but we don't do anything like
>   that internally because most people don't care much
>   about other's code reviews - there's enough traffic
>   already. If they do, they're the reviewers =)

Having review traffic on mailing lists, where it can be indexed by
search engines, proved invaluable to me time after time when I was
dealing with some obscure 'not_quite_a_bug' in some piece of software,
as it let me read my way into figuring out 'what the hell were they
thinking' without having to tri-jump around mailing list archives,
bugzilla, and CVS/SVN data.

So I'd suggest, for the sake of the future generations trying to find
lost needles in the growing OpenJDK haystack, to flood the review lists.

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