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Wed Oct 31 15:02:51 UTC 2007

Kurt Miller wrote:
> Yes the *BSD porting team would like to have our work incorporated
> upstream at Sun. If it must be keep in separate branch at first
> or for longer term that is ok too.
Great, we're all on the same page, I think.
> I'm not familiar with mercurial at all. We've been using cvs. The
> JDK src is imported into vendor branches, changes are made to
> support the BSD's and then patchsets are cut by doing diffs
> against the original src in the vendor branch. In the end we
> need either a patchset off official Sun sources or a complete
> source distribution that includes our changes. So long as
> mercurial can accomplish those needs it would work for us.
I've CC:ed Mark Wielaard on this to see if what we are doing on the 
icedtea mercurial repository is similar.
I hope he can provide some insight, he mentioned "mercurial queues" on 
IRC after being poked
around by me. :)

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