IRC logging of #openjdk

David Herron David.Herron at Sun.COM
Wed Jul 30 23:30:55 UTC 2008

Brian Matzon wrote:
> Hi all
> I talked to 'robilad' on IRC and he asked me to send this to the 
> discuss list.
> I would like to get confirmation for running an IRC logging service in 
> the irc channel.
> The service has been running for several other projects such as 
> #eclipse, #haiku, #macports and others - and provides an invaluable 
> resource for getting information about projects and issues within.
> I realize that some people do not like logs being published, which is 
> why I wanted to confirm this before publishing anything.
> This is a personal project and hold no commercial interrest. The logs 
> are exportable.
> The logs will be available at: 
> (awaiting confirmation before being available).
> Kind Regards
> Brian Matzon

I remember being told in November 2006, when we launched that IRC 
channel, that we would not be logging the channel's content.  But I 
don't remember any reasoning or even quite who said this.

I can understand why some wouldn't want logs to be kept but I do agree 
it would be useful to do so.

- David Herron

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