IRC logging of #openjdk

Mark Wielaard mark at
Thu Jul 31 09:54:44 UTC 2008

Hi Brian,

On Thu, 2008-07-31 at 01:18 +0200, Brian Matzon wrote:
> I realize that some people do not like logs being published, which is 
> why I wanted to confirm this before publishing anything.
> This is a personal project and hold no commercial interrest. The logs 
> are exportable.

I wouldn't mind logging when there are official meetings on irc. But as
far as I can tell the #openjdk irc room is just a social channel. More
like a water cooler where hackers come and go and exchange random
stories about daily life. Personally I would avoid the random chatter
(that I really enjoy a lot) if I would know that the channel was
systematically logged and publicly published (yes, I know there are
probably people who keep logs of the channel anyway, but at least I know
they will not arbitrarily publish the publicly without asking for
permission first).

In general if people feel the chatter on #openjdk is so important that
it should be shared more, then maybe we can ask people to summarize on
the mailinglist. But as far as I know this already happens because
decisions should be made publicly on the mailinglist.

I believe there is another channel, that is more formal
#open-source-java we might make that the officially logged channel that
people can move to whenever they want to discuss anything "official"
that should be logged? But if it is so official then it should just be
posted on the mailinglist imho.



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