IRC logging of #openjdk

Mario Torre neugens at
Thu Jul 31 11:13:09 UTC 2008

Il giorno gio, 31/07/2008 alle 11.54 +0200, Mark Wielaard ha scritto:
> Hi Brian,

Hi Brian!

> I wouldn't mind logging when there are official meetings on irc. But
> as


> far as I can tell the #openjdk irc room is just a social channel. More
> like a water cooler where hackers come and go and exchange random
> stories about daily life.


And kid on people. A log maybe misunderstood, the context may not be
clear if not reading something referenced maybe days back.

>  Personally I would avoid the random chatter
> (that I really enjoy a lot) if I would know that the channel was
> systematically logged and publicly published (yes, I know there are
> probably people who keep logs of the channel anyway, but at least I
> know
> they will not arbitrarily publish the publicly without asking for
> permission first).


Private logging are ok, publishing snippets with the permission of the
involved people is ok, public logging on a channel that is used mostly
of chatting is nono for me. Just my personal opinion, of course.

> In general if people feel the chatter on #openjdk is so important that
> it should be shared more, then maybe we can ask people to summarize on
> the mailinglist. But as far as I know this already happens because
> decisions should be made publicly on the mailinglist.


> I believe there is another channel, that is more formal
> #open-source-java we might make that the officially logged channel that
> people can move to whenever they want to discuss anything "official"
> that should be logged? But if it is so official then it should just be
> posted on the mailinglist imho.


> Cheers,
> Mark

+1 :)


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