OpenJDK Community Code Review server rollout

John Rose John.Rose at Sun.COM
Thu Mar 5 00:05:10 UTC 2009

Thanks!  A couple of RFEs:

You mention webrev on the root page; can we have a link to it there,  
as there in your rollout Email?

The webrevs are not very portable in their expanded browsable state:   
There are too many files.  I'd like to see an option to upload or  
download a *tgz or *zip bundle as a unit.

It could be fairly simple, with just one bit of magic:  Have a private  
".bundles" subdirectory hierarchy with a background script watching  
it, like ".trashes".  Uploading to ".bundles" would cause the archive  
file to be unpacked (relative to top level).  Allow both ".bundles"  
"bundles" (w/ & w/o leading dot) also, so that the archive files  
themselves could be left out in public, for easy anonymous downloading.

-- John

P.S.  The old site did not supply  
rsync/scp/sftp, so I forced users to upload single *tgz or *zip files  
manually.  The virtue of this necessity was that the server uploaded  
the bundles as a unit and then unpacked them locally, saving lots of  
network handshakes.

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