How do I resign?

Rémi Forax forax at
Fri May 6 16:57:36 UTC 2011

On 05/06/2011 06:43 PM, David Herron wrote:
> Hi all, I have a question which the OpenJDK website wasn't able to give me
> an answer.  I've come to a point where I realize I'm not ever going to get
> around to contributing anything to the OpenJDK, I realize that I have a
> voting role in one or two Group, and that because I'm not contributing to
> the OpenJDK that I should not have those Group Member roles.
> I'd started to send this a week ago - but the kerfluffle over interim
> governance board stuff made me stop and wait a week.  I'm trying to keep
> this to the fact that I'm not involved in the project and shouldn't have any
> actual roles in the project, but I that I do have a voting role in at least
> one Group.  However one can draw a parallel between that and a couple of the
> governance board members, for whatever that's worth.
> Specifically, I am Member of two Groups:  Porting, Quality
> The Quality Group was a good idea we had while I was still a Sun employee
> but I was never allowed to take it beyond what is on those pages on the
> OpenJDK website.  That's a personal disappointment for me because I believe
> the OpenJDK (like Netbeans, Drupal, and other high profile open source
> projects) deserves to have a publicly operated quality team.
> It's the Porting group where I have some concern, because it has actual
> activity and I have to pay enough attention to cast votes occasionally.
>   It's possible that I might miss a call for votes, not cast my vote, and
> delay something or other within the OpenJDK project.  Weeell, okay, Dalibor
> is a smart guy who probably won't miss a lack of vote and he does know where
> to find me if need be.   In any case it would be better for my Group Member
> seat be held by someone who is involved with the OpenJDK project, is paying
> attention, has skin in the game, etc.
> I went over the OpenJDK website and did not find any discussion of the
> structure of Groups and Projects nor discussion of how to become a Group
> Member, what are the roles, duties, benefits, requirements, etc.  I wonder
> where this is documented?  And, more importantly, isn't this important
> enough to be documented clearly?  It is a key bit to the operation of the
> OpenJDK project.  UPDATE: It seems from the discuss at emails
> the last week the documentation may be in the governance document being
> discussed.
> + David Herron

You can find some info here:


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