OpenJDK Governing Board Minutes: 20011/4/21

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Sun May 8 19:19:59 UTC 2011

Il giorno dom, 08/05/2011 alle 14.56 -0400, Lussier, Denis ha scritto:
> IMHO it's definitely a legit point of view for an individual to take.
> Commercial GPL, where one company gets assigned the copyright, is
> something very different than BSD or MIT or non-commercial GPL
> licenses.
> That being said... I think Oracle is doing a reasonably good job of
> encouraging a pretty wide variety of contributors who are making an
> "Open JDK" a reality.

Despite all the criticism about the self elected Governance Board and
some of the questionable high level choices, I also think that Oracle is
doing a good job after all.

This is the reason why I want (and will keep!) pushing in what, in my
opinion, is the right direction toward openness and I don't think our
criticism is silly, even if probably could be worded in better terms at

The GB problem must be solved quickly though, because closing the
OpenJDK 8 development will invalidate all the good job that Oracle [1]
have done so far.


[1] Especially the programmers doing the real work like Phil and the AWT
team some of whom I had the pleasure to work with for Cacio at some
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