CFV: New Project: PowerPC/AIX Port

David Holmes david.holmes at
Wed May 16 08:34:11 UTC 2012

On 16/05/2012 6:11 PM, Alan Bateman wrote:
> On 16/05/2012 04:13, David Holmes wrote:
>> Volker,
>> Your reply-to was set to the discuss list but the mail was sent to the
>> announce list, and the votes should go to the announce list not the
>> discuss list.
>> Anyone who already voted on the discuss list should re-send their
>> votes to the announce list.
> I thought the announce list was just for announcements, the voting on
> projects has been on the discuss list, as per:
> I just checked Volker's mail with the CFV and he appears to have the
> reply-to set correctly, it's just that he sent the mail to announce too.

Hmmm some confusing instructions there:

Step 1: Propose

     Send a combined motion for the creation of the Project and the 
appointment of its initial Lead to the announcement list. The e-mail 
should contain the Project name, description, initial Lead name and 
qualifications, sponsoring Groups, and suggested initial Authors, 
Committers, Reviewers, if any. The voting method is Lazy Consensus and 
only current OpenJDK Members are eligible to vote.

     The format for the call-for-votes e-mail is as follows:

     To: announce at openjdk dot java dot net
     Subject: CFV: New Project: <project name>


Step 2: Vote

     Eligible voters cast their vote by replying to the proposal with 
the first line of the message body in the following form:

     Vote: <vote>

     where <vote> is one of yes, veto, or abstain. A justification for 
the vote may be provided on subsequent lines, and is required in order 
for a veto vote to be valid. Multiple votes are allowed but only the 
most recent vote will be counted. Votes must be cast in the open, on the 
mailing list to which the call-for-votes was originally sent; votes sent 
as private replies will not be counted.

     The following is a minimum affirmative reply:

     To: discuss at openjdk dot java dot net
     Subject: Re: CFV: New Project: <project name>

     Vote: yes

Note that the CFV goes to announce, and you vote by replying to it. But 
the example shows the reply being sent to discuss. Hmmmm

Volker followed the process exactly as indicated: emailed announce with 
reply-to set to discuss. But I think that's a bug in the process 


> -Alan.

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