DockFX - A JavaFX Docking Library

Robert Colton robertbcolton at
Sun Aug 16 19:29:23 UTC 2015

Hello OpenJDK Developers!

I am a new OpenJDK contributor whose OCA has just been processed. I would
like to share with the community a number of projects I have been working
on. My primary project has been a docking library for JavaFX which is
published on GitHub.

In the past my projects have included LateralGM, a free and open source
GameMaker project editor built in Java with Swing.

I am looking to contribute patches to the OpenJDK project, some of which do
have existing bug reports filed by me. I am very enthusiastic about the
JavaFX platform and looking forward to contributing. I would like to know
where I should go next regarding contributions. Please let me know what you

- Robert

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