DockFX - A JavaFX Docking Library

Jonathan Giles jonathan.giles at
Sun Aug 16 21:46:23 UTC 2015


Community contributions are always appreciated! With your OCA submitted, 
the best thing to do is to file bugs / feature requests in the bug 
tracker, and submit your patches in there for review (although I believe 
you may need to email the owner to attach the patch to the jira issue). 
Depending on the complexity and size of the patch, and the stage of 
release, things may progress quickly or not at all! For that reason, it 
is always smart to discuss intended work in the bug tracker before you 
spend your time on the work. That saves you wasting time on duplicating 
work, or working on something that has no hope of being integrated.


-- Jonathan

On 17/08/2015 7:29 a.m., Robert Colton wrote:
> Hello OpenJDK Developers!
> I am a new OpenJDK contributor whose OCA has just been processed. I would
> like to share with the community a number of projects I have been working
> on. My primary project has been a docking library for JavaFX which is
> published on GitHub.
> In the past my projects have included LateralGM, a free and open source
> GameMaker project editor built in Java with Swing.
> I am looking to contribute patches to the OpenJDK project, some of which do
> have existing bug reports filed by me. I am very enthusiastic about the
> JavaFX platform and looking forward to contributing. I would like to know
> where I should go next regarding contributions. Please let me know what you
> think.
> - Robert

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