Compatible Field Resolution (status update of the experiments)

Sebastian Sickelmann sebastian.sickelmann at
Tue Dec 22 05:44:31 UTC 2015


i a previous thread I wrote about a prototype for reducing the
accessibility of static and non-static fields without breaking binary
You can read about the details in following thread:

Now I want to send an update of what i achieved so far, and what you are
able to try (if you like).

There is a prototype of jlink which does replacement of the get/putfield
and get/putstatic if the field is not declared at the target or its
You can find the Prototype here:
with some description about it here:

There is a prototype for the zero- and the template-interpreter but only
for the getfield and getstatic bytecodes (no puts so far).
You can find the Prototype here:
and some information about building the zero-interpreter here:

While experimenting with the template-interpreter, i found the Rewriter
and that it is called from InstanceKlass linkage.
This sounds really promissing, and so it will be my next experiment.
After that i want to collect some performance data about these experiments.

Any feedback is highly appreciated


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