[sw-dev] Project proposal: RISC-V port

Andrew Haley aph at redhat.com
Thu Feb 8 16:12:24 UTC 2018

On 07/02/18 22:00, Palmer Dabbelt wrote:

> There appears to be considerable community interest in a RISC-V
> OpenJDK port, so my hope is that while I don't have time to directly
> contribute much myself that we'll be able to get something sane up
> and running.  Interested users can test on QEMU, and we've recently
> announced a board (and associated beta program that provide free
> boards to open source developers) so there's some hardware to run on
> as well.  I'd like to request that the Porters Group sponsors this
> project with me as the lead.

It's a multi-engineer-year project.  Two engineers with deep knowledge
of HotSpot could get a bare-bones port done in a year, one doing the
assembler, C1, and template interpreter, and the other doing C2.  Both
would work on the shared runtime.  To get a really performant port done
would take at least twice that, probably longer.

Anyone wanting to lead a porting project had better have plenty of
time and considerable expertise, or it'll go nowhere.  I'll be happy
to advise, cajole, and generally encourage, but it's going to take
boots on the ground.

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