New candidate JEP: 369: Migrate to GitHub

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Fri Nov 15 10:37:15 UTC 2019

Il giorno ven 15 nov 2019 alle ore 11:17 Stephen Colebourne
<scolebourne at> ha scritto:
> Just to note that I remain hugely supportive of this. GitHub's
> community interaction facilities have been very positive to use from
> my perspective, and I've never regretted moving to git or GitHub. With
> automated testing of patches, it will represent a step change in the
> ability to interact with the project.

You don't need GitHub and its workflow to have have automated testing
of patches, for instance it's nevertheless a good idea to extend the
hotspot submit repo to cover any patch.

In all those discussions we've always seen some form of "this will
improve because X and Y" but overall those X and Y are actually
independent from the move to GitHub and the new imposed workflow and
never address the one and most important issue, the overhead of
adapting to a completely new workflow and in particular that of the
pull-request/public fork approach. I think the JEP should extensively
prove why the change is significantly better than the status quo so
that this change is worth, it feels to me that the situation is
reversed here.

Btw, I'll be very happy to host a discussion about this more during
FOSDEM and have an actual confrontation, perhaps it's even a better
idea to discuss this during the Committer's Workshop (assuming there
will be one in February), but so far what I see is that this
discussion is a bit stalled.

In my previous email I jokingly said (and perhaps it wasn't really
really clear I meant it like "good try Mario") to wait one or two
years for this to settle, but I'm very convinced that we really need
to give more time to the projects that were currently moved to GitHub
to see if the additional hassle and the workflow change (including the
time and resources needed to adjust the tools and the general
ecosystem) is actually really that valuable: this JEP is premature.


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