New candidate JEP: 369: Migrate to GitHub

Eric Vergnaud eric.vergnaud at
Fri Nov 15 14:59:49 UTC 2019

Surely we all agree that facts provide better evidence than reasoning ?
Git is a massive success! All sorts of teams in all sorts of projects have moved away from their preferred SCM, be it SVN, Mercurial or even Perforce.
So without any arrogance, may I suggest that this community listens to the world as much as it listens to its own habits?
Personally, I have been refrained from contributing by the absence of a simple Git powered CI.
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> Le 15 nov. 2019 à 18:38, Mario Torre <neugens.limasoftware at> a écrit :
> Il giorno ven 15 nov 2019 alle ore 11:17 Stephen Colebourne
> <scolebourne at> ha scritto:
>> Just to note that I remain hugely supportive of this. GitHub's
>> community interaction facilities have been very positive to use from
>> my perspective, and I've never regretted moving to git or GitHub. With
>> automated testing of patches, it will represent a step change in the
>> ability to interact with the project.
> You don't need GitHub and its workflow to have have automated testing
> of patches, for instance it's nevertheless a good idea to extend the
> hotspot submit repo to cover any patch.
> In all those discussions we've always seen some form of "this will
> improve because X and Y" but overall those X and Y are actually
> independent from the move to GitHub and the new imposed workflow and
> never address the one and most important issue, the overhead of
> adapting to a completely new workflow and in particular that of the
> pull-request/public fork approach. I think the JEP should extensively
> prove why the change is significantly better than the status quo so
> that this change is worth, it feels to me that the situation is
> reversed here.
> Btw, I'll be very happy to host a discussion about this more during
> FOSDEM and have an actual confrontation, perhaps it's even a better
> idea to discuss this during the Committer's Workshop (assuming there
> will be one in February), but so far what I see is that this
> discussion is a bit stalled.
> In my previous email I jokingly said (and perhaps it wasn't really
> really clear I meant it like "good try Mario") to wait one or two
> years for this to settle, but I'm very convinced that we really need
> to give more time to the projects that were currently moved to GitHub
> to see if the additional hassle and the workflow change (including the
> time and resources needed to adjust the tools and the general
> ecosystem) is actually really that valuable: this JEP is premature.
> Cheers,
> Mario
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