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My name is Mike Sims, and I've been teaching myself Java for several years
now. I got interested in Java after taking some classes when I pursued my
bachelor's degree (in CIS, not programming).

I have been a Network Engineer by trade most of my life, but I have always
written code in my personal time as I have always loved programming.
Professionally, I've written apps for companies that deal mainly in their
specific processes so a few database-centric programs that I've had the
privilege of maintaining over the years.

What landed me here, was a recent question I posted to StackExchange
concerning an issue I was having where the content of a ScrollPane was
being shown over the border of the ScrollPanes viewport. You can see
the question
I posted here <> for more
detail if interested.

It was suggested by one of the moderators that I come over here to see if
this issue had ever been reported as a bug and to possibly post a bug
report, which led me to trying to figure out how to actually do that, which
led me to find the OCA, which I signed and submitted, and was notified
today that it was approved. And in that email, it was suggested that I come
to this list and introduce myself.

I am an avid proponent of continually educating one's self so I am looking
forward to not only possibly offering something of value to Java, but also
in being observant and learning more about Java from those who have
experience in it. It seems that the more I learn about Java, I become aware
of just how much I don't know.

Ultimately, I'd like to become a better programmer and also a participant
in the community, giving back what I can as I learn and grow.

Thank you,

Mike Sims
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