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Hello Mike,

Signing the OCA does not give you access to JBS to create a bug report. 
You have to contribute at least two fixes to OpenJDK or OpenJFX for that 
matter before you can become an Author [1] and get access to JBS.

You can report a bug using

I assume you ran the search in JBS as suggested in the comment on Stack 
Overflow and didn't find a similar issue reported.

Since you already signed the OCA, you can fix the problem and create a 
Pull Request. See OpenJDK Developers’ Guide <>.

I can't say whether the problem you describe is a bug or not. Engineers 
at openjfx-dev at could be a better fit for that.

If you think this is a bug, please report it along with a test case and 
it will be routed to the correct team.



On 22/11/2022 05:27, Mike Sims wrote:
> Hello,
> My name is Mike Sims, and I've been teaching myself Java for several 
> years now. I got interested in Java after taking some classes when I 
> pursued my bachelor's degree (in CIS, not programming).
> I have been a Network Engineer by trade most of my life, but I have 
> always written code in my personal time as I have always loved 
> programming. Professionally, I've written apps for companies that deal 
> mainly in their specific processes so a few database-centric programs 
> that I've had the privilege of maintaining over the years.
> What landed me here, was a recent question I posted to StackExchange 
> concerning an issue I was having where the content of a ScrollPane was 
> being shown over the border of the ScrollPanes viewport. You can see 
> the question I posted here 
> <> for more detail if 
> interested.
> It was suggested by one of the moderators that I come over here to see 
> if this issue had ever been reported as a bug and to possibly post a 
> bug report, which led me to trying to figure out how to actually do 
> that, which led me to find the OCA, which I signed and submitted, and 
> was notified today that it was approved. And in that email, it was 
> suggested that I come to this list and introduce myself.
> I am an avid proponent of continually educating one's self so I am 
> looking forward to not only possibly offering something of value to 
> Java, but also in being observant and learning more about Java from 
> those who have experience in it. It seems that the more I learn about 
> Java, I become aware of just how much I don't know.
> Ultimately, I'd like to become a better programmer and also a 
> participant in the community, giving back what I can as I learn and grow.
> Thank you,
> Mike Sims
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