Revert wars, make dist, etc.

Dr Andrew John Hughes ahughes at
Wed Dec 21 07:17:56 PST 2011

On 10:27 Wed 21 Dec     , Andrew Haley wrote:
> There's a continuing problem with the way that jtreg is handled in
> IcedTea.
> The core problem seems to be that some parts of IcedTea need absolute
> paths, and some need relative paths.  "make dist", in particular,
> needs a relative path.  However, jtreg -othervm needs an *absolute*
> path to the -exclude file.  So, it is clear that some uses need
> JTREG_SRCS to be absolute, some need it to be relative.  We need
> both, in other words.  It can't be one or the other.
> doko made a change in
> 	Fix running jamvm jdk tests when configured with a separate relative
> 	build dir
> 	2011-12-08 Matthias Klose <doko at>
> 	 * (JTREG_SRCS): Use abs_top_srcdir.
> which made JTREG_SRCS absolute.  This patch was not discussed.  I
> complained that it broke "make dist", so doko pushed another patch
> 	Fix make dist, not using any prefixes in EXTRA_DIST
> 	2011-12-16 Matthias Klose <doko at>
> 	use any prefixes. (stamps/jtreg.stamp, check-jdk):
> 	Use JTREG_SRCS with srcdir prefix. (stamps/rewriter.stamp):
> 	Use REWRITER_SRCS with srcdir prefix.
> which fixed that.  However, this patch was not discussed.
> Andrew Hughes backed this patch out, pointing out that it reverts a
> number of earlier changes.  So, jtreg --othervm is broken, again.
> jtreg needs an absolute path.  Lets try and have a proper discussion
> about how to do it, with no more commits or reversions until we've
> decided together what to do.
> Andrew.

I'm currently testing what I think may be the solution, which is to move
the jtreg sources to src/jtreg removing the conflict between ./jtreg (the
directory) and 'jtreg' (the rule alias).  With that change, the first of
these patches can be reverted and JTREG_SRCS can use $(top_srcdir)/src/jtreg.

I'll post the patch once I've done a few more tests and we can discuss it further.
Andrew :)

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