Reviewer needed - new regression test for checking if ImageIO subsystem properly reads PNG images

Denis Lila dlila at
Tue Jun 21 08:43:37 PDT 2011

Hi Pavel.

> I'd like to add new regression test to IcedTea6 HEAD. This test checks
> if ImageIO subsystem can properly read PNG images with various
> formats.
> Such images are tested (pixel-by-pixel) against PAM images I converted
> using external tools (these images are included in this change - they
> have to be stored in overlays directory and copied in build time to
> test
> directory).
> The new test is added through "old" patch file
> patches/jtreg-png-reader.patch which already contains two PNG-related
> patches I created some time ago.

I wasn't able to run it myself (because only two of the pam files are in
the diff) but the patch looks ok to me.


----- Original Message -----
> Hi all,

> Here's ChangeLog entry:
> 2011-06-21 Pavel Tisnovsky <ptisnovs at>
> * patches/jtreg-png-reader.patch:
> Added new regression test which check if PNG
> images read by ImageIO subsytstem contains
> proper pixel values.
> Could I push this change to IcedTea6 HEAD please?
> Thank you in advance,
> Pavel
> [Text File:hg_diff]

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