Reviewer needed - fix for Re: Strange behaviour during javaws -about

Jiri Vanek jvanek at
Wed Mar 2 02:10:20 PST 2011

This patch refactors net.sourceforge.jnlp.about package (and it 
subpackage) to  net.sourceforge.jaws.about, because executing any code 
in net.sourceforge.jnlp.* needs all-permissions.
In addition it removes all code from which needed all-permissions 
(hyper-links and work around). Second pane with not working demos is 
disabled. Will be replaced by content generated from news and authors.
Last change is fix in getAboutFile() to fix looking for jnlp in user's 
directory where icedtea-web is installed instead of inside-jar (same 
approach as already explained)
all-permissions from about.jnlp file are removed. codebase "." seams 
working fine.

Motivation for this patch was discussed many times in irc and dsitro-pkg 
list: javaws -about shows window, which is located in, 
needs to be signed, and keep javaws hanging (still have no idea why)
This patch fixes location of about.jar to proper local one, locate 
proper jnlp file in installed directory, javaws is not hanging, 
about.jar needs not to be signed and needs no special permissions.
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