[rfc][icedtea-web] reprducers for main class specified in manifest instead in application descriptor

Pavel Tisnovsky ptisnovs at redhat.com
Wed Mar 7 08:48:18 PST 2012

Hi Jiri,

it looks good. I have two questions:

1) in both files MANIFEST.MF it seems that DOS EOLs are used (I can see ^M on the end of the lines). Did you use DOS
files deliberately?

2) probably another test case should be included: two jars, both with manifests, both set as main (it should fail AFAIK)


Jiri Vanek wrote:
> 2012-03-05  Jiri Vanek <jvanek at redhat.com>
>     Added test for main-class in manifest for jnlp
>     * Makefile.am: (prepare-reproducers.stamp) fixed manifest handling.
> Till
>     now was manifest copied as any other non java file, and so was
> rewritten
>     by jar tool
>     * tests/jnlp_tests/simple/ManifestedJar2/srcs: secondary jar file which
>     should have manifest and so should help ManifestedJar1 with testing
>     *
> tests/jnlp_tests/simple/ManifestedJar2/resources/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF:
>      manifest for  ManifestedJar2.jar
>     * tests/jnlp_tests/simple/ManifestedJar1/srcs: main testing jar
>     *
> tests/jnlp_tests/simple/ManifestedJar2/resources/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF:
>      manifest for  ManifestedJar1.jar
>     *
> tests/jnlp_tests/simple/ManifestedJar1/testcases/ManifestedJar1Test.java:
>      testing class for this reproducers
>     * tests/jnlp_tests/simple/ManifestedJar1/resources/: six reproducers
> jnlps
> Currently I'm testing:
>      * if two jars with manifest specified, none is main and no main
> class, then first one is loaded
>      * if one jar with manifest, is not main,  and no main class then is
> lunched
>      * if one jar with manifest, but not marked as main and no main
> class then is lunched
>      * if one jar with manifest, marked as main and no main class then
> is lunched
>      * Two jars, both with manifest, First is main, but specified
> mainclass belongs  to second one, then second one should be lunched
>      * Two jars, both with manifest, seconds is main, no mainclass, then
> the one marked as main is lunched
> Any idea for more (meaningfull :) ) combinations? (even as another
> patch...)
> Best regards, J

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