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Wed Oct 24 05:33:44 PDT 2012

The current status is that Shark isn't functional, the near future will
bring a very different version of hotspot that will hopefully stabilize
and provide
jsr 292 without the complexity of Ricochet frames and deep recursion.

We had to port zero to that hotspot [hsx25 and soon hsx24 for jdk7u
 (That port now already completed by  Roman Kennke, awaiting acceptance
by the hotspot folk).

After that we can begin the resurrecting Shark based on that hotspot to
the latest
llvm (3.1+?). But note that there are also some other openjdk  or icedtea
projects that have reduced some of the requirement for shark , such as the
arm 32 bit asm jit , the  ppc-aix-port, and the recently announced arm 64


On 24/10/12 02:01 AM, Andrew Zhogin wrote:
> Hi.
> Openjdk-Shark not compiles with llvm > 2.9 (by default).
> For example, all calls to builder()->CreateMemoryBarrier() should be
> replaced with builder()->CreateFence();
> Best regards, Andrew Zhogin.
>> Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2012 15:31:57 +0800 (CST)
>> From: "liu chao jun" <amiko212 at>
>> Subject: Here need your help
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>> Hi all
>>     when i compiled  llvm-3.0 with icedtea1.11.4 together,A memory_barrier error happened ,And now I write to all of you for the following questions need your help and suggestion :
>>     1, Is any function which can replace the "make_function" in the following function,
>>     2 , Or is there any  different paramters in make_function with the similar action with the following one
>>     3 ,Is there a function similar with "nop" which can return a address in LLVM or Shark ,
>>  Value* SharkBuilder::memory_barrier() {
>>       return make_function(
>> #if defined(ARM)
>>             (address) 0xffff0fa0, // __kernel_dmb
>>  #else
>>                "llvm.memory.barrier",
>>  #endif // ARM
>>      "11111", "v");
>>  }
>> what's more the Dir of the function is :/openjdk-ecj/hotspot/src/share/vm/shark/sharkBuild.cpp
>> Thank you very much and looking forward to your reply
>> BR//Amiko

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