[icedtea-web] resurrection of (output)console?

Omair Majid omajid at redhat.com
Tue Nov 5 11:44:09 PST 2013

* Jiri Vanek <jvanek at redhat.com> [2013-11-04 06:31]:
> before you will wonder about removed redirectStreams, please test
> patch :). Also it is remove in 1.5. Imho "debug" should have nothing
> to do with "redirecting" also it was used wrongly, and made consoel
> even less usefull...

Let me break down the code:

If the user has asked for logging, then log to java.stdout and
java.stderr as well as the actual stdout/stderr.

If the user has said ICEDTEAPLUGIN_DEBUG=true, then the C side of the
plugin will be printing it's information on stdout/stderr. In that case,
redirect the java-side to java.stdout and java.stderr.

Can you explain the problem with this scheme?

> Now it is working as it should. ICEDTEAPLIGIN_DEBUG is setting level
> of verbosity, and console is jsut another form of output.

This patch is always logging to java.stdout/java.stderr, even if not
asked for.

> +++ b/plugin/icedteanp/java/sun/applet/PluginMain.java	Mon Nov 04 12:18:40 2013 +0100
> @@ -106,14 +106,15 @@
>              PluginAppletSecurityContext.setStreamhandler(streamHandler);
> +            //the properties are initialised during classlaoder creation
> +            if (DeploymentConfiguration.VALUE_CONSOLE_STARTUP_MODE_SHOW.equals(
> +                JNLPRuntime.getConfiguration().getProperty(DeploymentConfiguration.KEY_CONSOLE_STARTUP_MODE))) {
> +            PluginAppletSecurityContext.getStreamhandler().showConsole();
> +        }
>              AppletSecurityContextManager.addContext(0, sc);

The addition of these lines look okay, but I am a little sceptical about
the rest of the rest of the patch.


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