Icedtea supports something called "Pepper"?

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> On 07/16/2014 05:44 PM, Fernando Cassia wrote:
> > On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 6:05 AM, Jiri Vanek <jvanek at> wrote:
> >> Then please, may you explain what i'm not understand?
> >
> > The OP referred to "his applets stopped working" on the ORACLE JDK.
> > I explained that I think that is due to his applets code being
> > UNSIGNED, and that he should, going forward, sign his applets.
> > You replied that applets continue to work with Icedtea, and asked if I
> > wanted to see Icedtea run unsigned applets without click to play. That
> > was NOT what I was saying. I was describing the way Oracle JRE/JDK
> > works now, for security reasons. (click to play on unsigned code), and
> > that users who see that (applets disabled) jump to the conclusion that
> > "his applets stopped working" without getting into the details of
> > WHY...
> >
> There is (common) misinterpretation in this.
> You must differ
> - oracle (proprietary) JDK
> - oracle (proprietary) plugin/webstart implementation
> - openjdk (still some distros are using it wrapped by icedtea)

All for 6 & 7, as far as I'm aware.

> - icedtea-web (another jdk plugin/implementation)
> and forcompletness:
> - ibm (proprietary jdk)
> - ibm plugin and javaws implementation
> Icedtea-web is implementation of javaws and have its java plugin, similar to
> Oracle's plugin. Even
> Ibm java have its plugin+(theirs!) javaws implementation.
> Unlike proprietary plugin, which is bundled together with proprietary jdk,
> icedtea-web can run on
> Openjdk, Oracle JDK and IBM jdk (there are still something to fix with IBM
> jdk). Icedtea web is not
>   bounded to Openjdk, nor OracleJDk nor IBM.

Did you find a way around patching sun.applet.AppletPanel then? Because, as far
as I'm aware, IcedTea-Web needs that and it's only in IcedTea.

> If you will run Icedtea-web with oracle jdk (or Ibm) it will always behave as
> icedta-web. Not like
> proprietary plugin. So the issue you are describing is in plugin
> implementation. Not in icedtea, nor
> in Oracle JDK.  And vice versa - if you will be able to runproprietaru
> plugin/javaws on different
> jdk, it will (probably, I have never tried) behave as you are used from
> "home" jdk.
> This may be hard to understand (especially if you were around original
> classpath plugin, later
> around icedtea, and have missed separation of ITW, or dying of icedtea), but
> I hope it clarifies
> things a bit for you.

Any "dying of icedtea" is purely a fantasy in your own head, so I could imagine
most people would find that hard to understand.

Dying projects don't generally have three releases within around a month (probably
four by tomorrow).

> Now - thw question is still unanswered - what should ITW do better for you?
> J.

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