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--- Comment #20 from Daniel Moran <xdagarwynn at gmail.com> ---

I'm reopening this because at this point I've replaced every single part
(including a loaner CPU) and I'm still encountering this.  And this is the only
issue I'm having with both old and new parts, which is now getting rather
expensive to address this.

Core dump and PID log:

I do notice that whether 2 or 16 jobs running it will quickly turn into many
jobs in htop that I see, and it's usually when I see several pages of java
related jobs that a CPU finally hangs at 100%.  Also not isolated to
openjdk-7-jdk, I got Oracle Java 6 to crash as well, though it throws a
separate error.  Even after removing Java 6 and reinstalling openjdk-7-jdk it
gave the Java 6 error until reboot.  That error log and core dump is here: 

The other thing?  If I change CPU settings significantly in BIOS, it will
usually behave properly the first boot after the changes were saved. 
Subsequent boots will provide the same error.  If it would be easier to
troubleshoot by e-mail or chat I'd be happy to do so.

Greatly appreciate any support you can offer. My apologies for this continuing
issue and thank you for your continued time and support.

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