browser plugin for firefox on windows

Peter Koellner peter at
Thu Dec 22 16:10:25 UTC 2016


How do I use OpenJDK8u 32bit with firefox on windows? I have tried registering the jre with the jre1.8.0_111 java 
control panel, and the console tells me that it is using my jre, but the changes I made do not come through when 
I run an applet. it looks like it is using the classes fro 1.0.8_111.
I modified the windows property settings in native code a bit to fetch user.home from a registry key instead of 
using shell32 known folder properties for system property initialization, which works when I just run a test jar 
application. I tried setting -Xbootclasspath:bootclasspath or /p:path with the new rt.jar, or even copying over the javacpl.exe, but nothing works. What do I have to do that the plugin uses the jre setup from my build for the applets?
IcedTea-Web does not even successfully run through, it looks like windows is not supported.


peter kollner <peter at>

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