browser plugin for firefox on windows

Jiri Vanek jvanek at
Fri Dec 23 10:17:48 UTC 2016

On 12/22/2016 05:10 PM, Peter Koellner wrote:
> Hi!
> How do I use OpenJDK8u 32bit with firefox on windows? I have tried registering the jre with the

Badly. But depends on your usecases.

Generally - java plugin is dead. Deal with it. Me, as itw developer is sad, but me ITW maintainer is 
happy. And me as web user is double happy.

So why do you wont to dig it out of grave?

> jre1.8.0_111 java control panel, and the console tells me that it is using my jre, but the changes I
> made do not come through when I run an applet. it looks like it is using the classes fro 1.0.8_111.
> I modified the windows property settings in native code a bit to fetch user.home from a registry key
> instead of using shell32 known folder properties for system property initialization, which works
> when I just run a test jar application. I tried setting -Xbootclasspath:bootclasspath or /p:path
> with the new rt.jar, or even copying over the javacpl.exe, but nothing works. What do I have to do
> that the plugin uses the jre setup from my build for the applets?
> IcedTea-Web does not even successfully run through, it looks like windows is not supported.

ITW was never supported on windows. There is fork of ITW for windows (have also Windows plugin) 
which I.m aware it exists, but I never seen it. it is created by local guy Jacob (cced).


javaws part of ITW, although not supported on windows, is known to work on windows. (Jacob tested it 
and send many patches to enhance compatibility). There is no real reason javaws shoudl not run on 
your machine.
As addition ITW's javws have nice feature - javaws --html somePage - It can run applets on this page 
without browser. But by general concept (you can not do browser app was designed  without browser, 
right?) its powers are limited. Still it will be soon the only way how to run legacy appelts (once 
browsers finally cut off npapi)

Sorry for bad news

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