[Bug 3572] "Headless check failed" when I run "javaws myjnlpfile" inside xrdp/openbox

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Thu Apr 12 07:25:34 UTC 2018


--- Comment #5 from coolman_789 at hotmail.com ---
I'm on Archlinux.
I connect through a VPN (Windows 10 client). Same behavior occur while testing
on LAN.
I removed _JAVA_OPTIONS from my profile, same behavior.

XRDP version tested : 0.9.3 and 0.9.5
tigervnc version tested : 1.8.0
openjdk version tested : 8u144 and 8.u162

I added an entry in /etc/xrdp/xrdp.ini


the message "Headless check failed" appear randomly, often after disconnecting
or rebooting my PC.
The splashscreen of ITW is fine.
When the message is not here, the splashscreen of univiewer appear almost
complete, the bottom is still gray and the window that show the download of the
app is gray too.

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