Use binary dependencies was: Truffle dependency moved to git

Stefan Anzinger stefan.anzinger at
Mon Feb 1 11:14:04 UTC 2016

I've set up the job for creating the binaries for truffle as soon the 
pull request is merged.

This morning it failed because a bug in buildbot. This bug is fixed 
already - so I'm waiting for the next pull-request-merge to happen.

I've triggered the build on binaries 
19ff3912037b7e616f1e54fcda1abb22dbe0d285 and 
175622430e80253e9cc7c17ddbf09cc00adc0bc4 manually;


On 02/01/2016 11:15 AM, Lukas Stadler wrote:
> I assume that Chris is referring to the fact that the graal repo is now referencing the truffle repo on git, which has nothing to do with the languages.
> The binaries are probably just not created for the truffle git repo yet.
> - Lukas
>> On 01 Feb 2016, at 11:01, Jaroslav Tulach <jaroslav.tulach at> wrote:
>> ### Thursday 28 of January 2016, 10:43:47 @ Christian Thalinger ###
>>>> On Jan 22, 2016, at 2:12 PM, Jaroslav Tulach <jaroslav.tulach at>
>>>> wrote:
>>>> ### Thursday 21 of January 2016, 15:44:30 @ Gilles Duboscq ###
>>>>> We have binary dependencies for this use-case. Maybe we should start
>>>>> using
>>>>> them (set MX_BINARY_SUITES=truffle). Gilles
>>>> We should start using binary dependencies by default.
>>>> This whole discussion is a proof that people don't want to clone all our
>>>> repositories by default. They are in almost all cases interested only in
>>>> the one code in one repository.
>>>> Please, be kind to people trying graal & co. and switch the mx to use
>>>> binary dependencies by default.
>>> As it turns out, the move of Truffle to github broke MX_BINARY_SUITES.  Back
>>> to square one.
>> Correction:
>> The move of Truffle to GitHub is innocent. The fact that languages started to
>> use the GitHub version is the problem.
>> Should that require an urgent fix, I'd advocate the languages and GraalVM to
>> use the most recent version of Truffle available at
>> -jt

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