Build issues

Gilles Duboscq gilles.m.duboscq at
Fri Jun 1 16:38:53 UTC 2018

Hi Daniel,

This is due to a change in how `mx` builds. You now need to provide a JDK 8 to build graal.

You can add the path to a JDK 8 in the EXTRA_JAVA_HOMES environment variable or with the --extra-java-homes argument to `mx`.

Doug explained this in more details in a separate email on this list ("mx: --strict-compliance is now the only supported mode").


On 01/06/18 16:41, stewartd.qdt wrote:
> I was on holiday all this week and part of last. I'm attempting to build the latest Graal, using the tip of OpenJDK, as I've been doing for quite some time. But now it appears it doesn't work, as I get  a lot of lines like:
> project org.graalvm.options was removed as JDK 1.8 is not available
> ...
> I never had an issue using OpenJDK 11 with Graal until now. Did something change that I am unaware of? Is JDK8 now required? I'm sure it is something simplistic.
> Daniel

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