Epsilon + Graal

Vladimir Kozlov vladimir.kozlov at oracle.com
Thu Apr 11 19:17:02 UTC 2019

For testing graalunit in JDK I do:

make images CONF=fastdebug
make test-image-hotspot-jtreg-graal CONF=fastdebug
cd open/test/hotspot/jtreg

Run jtreg with -Dgraalunit.libs=$MYDIR/build/fastdebug/images/test/hotspot/jtreg/graal/ 

There is also 'make test' command to run in top directory but I forgot flags for it.


On 4/11/19 11:33 AM, Doug Simon wrote:
>> On 11 Apr 2019, at 20:06, Aleksey Shipilev <shade at redhat.com> wrote:
>> Hi Doug,
>> Some more questions, if you will:
>> On 4/11/19 1:20 PM, Doug Simon wrote:
>>>> b) The change requires adjustments in JVMCI, how is that handled? I assume JVMCI and Graal changes
>>>> are done independently? In that case, there is a bit of circularity here: I cannot put JVMCI change
>>>> in without breaking runs with Epsilon for a while, and cannot put Epsilon changes in before JVMCI is
>>>> updated?
>>> I think you can make the Graal changes independently of the JVMCI changes with this in
>>> GraalHotSpotVMConfig:
>>>      public final boolean useEpsilonGC = getFlag("UseEpsilonGC", Boolean.class, false);
>>> That means the JVMCI patch can be submitted separately.
>> Yes, but that would mean I cannot run Graal tests with Epsilon enabled, or?
> Correct.
>>> One process option is to submit a normal JDK webrev with both JVMCI and Graal changes at the same
>>> time as submitting a Graal GitHub PR. This allows you to do whatever testing you want in the normal
>>> OpenJDK workflow. During the periodic Graal syncs to OpenJDK (which are thankfully becoming more
>>> frequent thanks to Jesper Wilhelmsson) , the Graal changes in OpenJDK will simply be overwritten.
>> Oh, that's nice. So, can I develop the change in jdk/jdk, and then PR the Graal subset of it to
>> oracle/graal github? That would definitely work better for my workflow. Is there a way to run Graal
>> unit tests from jdk/jdk?
> Yes, although I’ve never mastered it. There is test/hotspot/jtreg/compiler/graalunit/README.md. I’m not sure complete or up to date it is. I’ve cc’ed Katya who may be able to help with any missing info.
> -Doug

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