RFR (S): 8012086: The object count event should only send events for instances occupying more than 0.5% of the heap

Bengt Rutisson bengt.rutisson at oracle.com
Tue May 7 09:42:48 UTC 2013

Hi Erik,

Looks good.

Two minor nits:

Could we make 0.05 into a flag or at least a declared constant?

Could we rename _used_heap_in_words to something like 
_total_size_in_words or _base_size_in_words since it is not really the 
used count for the heap?


On 5/7/13 10:14 AM, Erik Helin wrote:
> Hi all,
> this change makes sure that we only send the trace event 
> vm/gc/detailed/object_count_after_gc if the total size of all the 
> instances of a class occupies more than 0.5% of the used heap.
> Webrev:
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~ehelin/8012086/webrev.00/
> Testing:
> Thanks,
> Erik

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