Open code review for 8061999 Enhance VM option parsing to allow options to be specified

David Holmes david.holmes at
Mon Jul 20 01:56:58 UTC 2015

As per Coleen's earlier email this needs re-sync'ing with:


On 18/07/2015 9:02 AM, Ron Durbin wrote:
> Here is the round 1 webrev for 8061999. It incorporates changes made
> due to comments from the round 0 reviewers. The easiest way to review
> this round is to download the two patch files:
> and look at them in your favorite file merge tool.
> RFE request:
> This RFE allows a file to be specified that holds VM Options that
> would otherwise be specified on the command line or in an environment variable.
> Only one options file may be specified on the command line and no options file
> may be specified in either of the following environment variables
> The options file feature supports all VM options currently supported on
> the command line, except the options file option. The option to specify an
> options file is "-XX:VMOptionsFile=<Filename>".
> The options file feature supports an options file up to 1024 bytes in size
> and up to 64 options.
> This feature has been tested on:
>    OS:
>      Solaris, MAC, Windows, Linux
>    Tests:
>      Manual unit tests
>      JPRT with -testset hotspot (including the SQE proposed test coverage for this feature.)

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