<i18n dev> Open Jdk Timezone bug?

Bill Tims (RSI) btims at rsitex.com
Mon Nov 30 08:55:25 PST 2009

>From what I can find, this appears to be the right place to post this,
if I'm wrong I would appreciate a pointer to the proper location.
The database our app has to talk to has January 1,1900 12:00:00 am date
in it.  When I load the value into a open 
jdk date object (using Ubuntu/JBoss 4.2.3 GA-jdk6) I get December 31,
1899 23:00:00.  When I do the same thing on my
dev box (Win XP/Sun jre 1.6.0_07) I get January 1, 1900 12:00:00 am.  I
wrote a test program that prints out the
Timezone info for 1898-1902 and it appears that the open jdk has a
daylight savings time starting on Jan 1, 1900 through
Oct 1, 1900 and the sun version doesn't.  According to Wikipedia,
Daylight savings wasn't suggested until 1907.
I can't find anything on the web that suggests where the timezone info
is kept or how complicated it will be to rebuild whatever jar
file is required.  Can someone point me to the proper source file and
suggest how involved building the fix will be?

Bill Tims

Renaissance Systems, Inc.


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